Our expertise is our mark

Our services

MSEA provides shipping commercial and operation management as well as asset and investment management services to a number of shipping investment platforms and reputable institutional, private and financial investors.

Investment management services are provided primarily by MSea Capital Management (Jersey), with the support of our teams in Cyprus and Gothenberg.

Commercial management, operations and technical oversight are provided by MSea Management Limited in Cyprus and our Mumbai based affiliates.

Marinvest was founded in 1988 in Gothenberg and integrated into the MSEA group in 2021. Marinvest provides commercial management services, technical advisory, design and supervision services for a fleet of Methanol duel-fuel product & chemical tankers.


Building on the background and expertise of its founders, MSEA CAPITAL advises and assists leading shipping and trade companies as well as shipping banks with regard to their strategic, investment and financial development, incl. support and management service in shipping asset restructuring situation.

Thanks to our uniquely diverse experience within the capital markets, the shipping and trade industry we have been instrumental in arranging trade finance for trading companies to the order of $340 million, in facilitating a range of ship finance and leasing solutions and providing restructuring assistance to financial institutions.